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18 September 2017 @ 09:33 pm
so today, shinee - the reason came on shuffle and this instantly reminds me of this super angst old  jongkey fic bc i read that with this bgm and i remember i sobbed hard i couldn't breathe. so this fic is where kibum killed himself and he loved jjong. but jjong knew it too late so all was left was all his memories and regret. it was something titled pain? or painful?? anyone remember this fic? its not completed but it could be read separately i think?? it was only till part three or something. aah someone help me pls i forgot to save this fic T.T
15 September 2017 @ 05:35 pm
I've seen a lot of fic rec lists that include xo-deidara's (and goyangi's) fics on it and I really want to read them, but I can't find them anywhere since both are deleted and purged :(

If anyone has some of them saved I would be really grateful, I've been looking for them everywhere.
09 June 2017 @ 11:15 pm
Hi, does anyone have a Radialax's story "Mark me" saved? It got deleted but I really wanted to read it again;;; If anyone's got it, pls message me!:c
12 May 2017 @ 04:14 pm
Hello! I recently wanted to reread a fic I read ages ago. It's called Do Robots Even Orgasm by Goyangi. Unfortunately, the author deleted the entire journal. Did anyone happen to save any of the author's works? Thanks in advance!