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15 April 2018 @ 01:13 am
Okay...I don't know if any of you will know this or not. If you remember it, please tell me!

So I read this fanfic a long time ago. It was set in a theme like Pretty Little Liars, BUT it was written before the tv show came out.

I just remember that the story was set during a dark and stormy night and Key walked out the door and was missing. It was mostly jongkey (pretty sure..with the other shinee members there as well)...and I just know that "A" was called "Ace" ?? They left letters and clues as to what happened to Key on that night. And they wanted to figure out who "Ace" was. In the end, I'm like 99% sure they find out that Key was the one writing the letters...

So yeah, not my best description, but it's all I can remember. That story was so intriguing and I hadn't heard about Pretty Little Liars before that fanfic....and when PLL became popular, I couldn't stop thinking about that fic :(

Even if you can't remember this story, can anyone tell me if they remember seeing it around or reading it?

Thank you so much! <3
08 April 2018 @ 02:31 pm
I`m searching for a percyjacksonau in where kibum is a hades born.
I cant really remember much, just that he has to go on a mission or hades is "bothering" him or sth like that.
As there arent really many percyjacksonau's out there where kibum is a hades born, I hope someone can help me out. >.<
I think I have read it on asianfanfics, but I cant find it anymore. :(
08 April 2018 @ 03:02 am

Title: Cartier Ring

Author: jongkeey

Genre: Um...fluff? right?

Summary:  They got together May 25th, 2008 and today is their tenth anniversary. Happiness ensues.

(err long) Authors Note: I used to come to this livejournal every single day and this livejournal always filled me with tears of sadness and happiness. I stopped going on livejournal after I stopped listening to SHINee, and eventually I fell out of the SHINee world. But in late Nov 2017, I wanted to love my boys again and to cherish the joy that they all gave me. When the heartbreaking news broke out, I just wanted to talk to all my old friends again, so I came back on tumblr...and livejournal. I was pretty bummed out that not many were active on here anymore. I decided to take a crack and see what I can write, because it’s literally been 6 years since I last wrote anything.

Hopefully some of you are still here. It’s tough right now. I miss jongkey so much. I miss Jonghyun so much. But let’s get better together.

ps: honestly my Jongkey heart was shook as hell when Key updated us that Jonghyun bought him a gift from Cartier and I cried tears of happiness when they ate together lmao. So sweet.

However, this time felt...different. Like something about that was going to change, but in a good way.

03 April 2018 @ 02:23 am


Does anyone have "I'm straight hyung" and the sequels saved? (Kibum's secret and something else..)
I know that the author deleted her accounts everywhere. >< 

01 April 2018 @ 06:31 pm

not sure if the author deleted or not. the story was a high school au where jonghyun wasn't sure about his feelings for key so he pretended to be drunk and kissed him at a party. onew tries to set key up with minho, jong's a little jealous and crashes their date and wins over kibum. taemin is really religious so key's scared to tell him about their relationship. eventually he tells him and you start to get the vibe that taemin might have a crush on key. i was reading the story often at the end of last year and really fell in love with it. even if the author abandoned the story it'd mean a lot if anybody remembered what it was called or who wrote it. maybe i could find it. thank you to anyone that even has a slight idea because i can't find it anywhere :(